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How to Make Custom Poly Mailers

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In an era where the delivery experience is as critical as the product itself, UNPAKFUL stands at the forefront of innovative packaging solutions.

Our custom poly mailers are more than just packaging; they're a canvas for your brand's story, a shield for your products, and a statement of your commitment to sustainability.

Here’s how you can transform your shipping experience with our custom poly mailers, ensuring your parcels stand out the moment they land in your customer's hands.

custom poly mailers


The Advantages of Custom Poly Mailers by UNPAKFUL


Choosing UNPAKFUL’s custom poly mailers offers a plethora of benefits, meticulously designed to meet the needs of businesses both large and small:

  • Brand Distinction: Our mailers serve as a mobile billboard, showcasing your brand from the moment they leave your hands to the instant they arrive at their destination.
  • Unmatched Protection: Crafted from superior materials, our poly mailers ensure your items are protected against weather, tampering, and wear during transit.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduce shipping costs without sacrificing quality. Our lightweight and durable mailers mean lower postage prices and less waste.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: We believe in protecting the planet. Our mailers are recyclable, reflecting your brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.


Step-by-Step Design Process


Embarking on the journey to create your bespoke poly mailer with UNPAKFUL is straightforward and rewarding. Here’s how to begin:


1. Initiate Your Design Journey

Navigate to our custom poly mailers product page and click on the "DESIGN NOW" button. This is your first step towards a packaging solution that's uniquely yours.


2. Upload Your Signature Logo or Design

Your brand's logo or a distinctive design is pivotal in creating a memorable unboxing experience. Upload a high-resolution image to ensure clarity and impact.


3. Customize with Color

Select a color that complements your logo and aligns with your brand’s identity. Our printing process ensures vivid, lasting hues that capture attention and convey your brand's essence.


4. Adjust for Perfect Harmony

Fine-tune the size and position of your design to achieve the ideal balance on the mailer. This customization step ensures your brand's message is communicated effectively and aesthetically.


5. Select Your Mailer's Palette

Choose from our diverse color palette, including white, black, pink, purple, peach pink, apricot, blue, yellow, and green. The right background color enhances your design, making your package a standout.

custom poly mailers bag colors


6. Connect and Engage

Incorporate your social media handles, website, and other contact information to build connections and encourage customer engagement. Our design tool makes it easy to add these details seamlessly into your mailer's design.


Finalizing and Ordering Your Custom Creation

After designing your custom poly mailer, take a moment to review every detail. We at UNPAKFUL understand the importance of perfection, which is why we offer a preview feature to ensure your design meets all expectations before finalizing your order.


Still Undecided? Try Our Sample!

If you're on the fence or wish to experience our quality firsthand, we encourage you to order a sample. This option allows you to evaluate our product in person, ensuring it meets your standards for quality, durability, and design integrity.


At UNPAKFUL, we’re not just about packaging; we're about creating experiences, building brands, and fostering connections. Our custom poly mailers are a testament to our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. Start your journey with us today, and let’s craft a package that your customers will remember.

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