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Paper Weight: 11lb/17gsm

Add a touch of elegance and brand identity to your packaging with our Custom Tissue Paper. Perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their product presentation and customer unboxing experience, this tissue paper is not just a protective layer but a sophisticated branding tool.

Our Custom Tissue Paper is more than just packaging; it's an extension of your brand, creating a memorable unboxing experience that encourages customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion. Ideal for small businesses, online retailers, and boutique shops, it’s an affordable way to make a big impact.

Order today and let your brand’s personality shine through every package!

  1. High-Quality Customization: Print your logo, brand message, or custom designs in full color on our premium tissue paper. Packaging with our custom tissue paper guarantees a flawless presentation with no issues at all, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience for your products.
  2. Eco-Friendly Material: Made from eco-conscious materials, our tissue paper is both recyclable and biodegradable, making it an environmentally responsible choice for your brand.
  3. Acid-Free Composition: Our tissue paper boasts a pH level of 7 or higher, ensuring it is completely acid-free. This feature is crucial for preventing deterioration, yellowing, and brittleness over time, making it ideal for archival purposes, preserving garments, artworks, photographs, and important documents.
  4. Soft Yet Durable: Our tissue paper strikes the perfect balance between softness and strength, providing a delicate feel while ensuring reliable protection against scratches and dust.
  5. Versatile Use: Ideal for wrapping products, lining boxes, or simply accentuating your packaging, it’s suitable for a wide range of products from apparel to jewelry, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  6. Lightweight and Cost-Effective: The lightweight nature of the tissue paper helps in keeping shipping costs low, making it a practical choice for businesses of all sizes.
  • Paper Grammage Options: 17gsm/11lbs, 22gsm/15lbs, 30gsm/20lbs, 45gsm/30lbs
  • MOQ: 25pcs
  • Print side: one side
  • Ink type: Soy based ink

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Custom logo color

15lb 22gsm custom white tissue paper with black logo design
gold logo printed custom tissue paper
silver logo printed tissue paper
animal pattern custom tissue paper
Any color you want!

custom paper color

custom black tissue paper
Custom Black tissue paper
custom pink tissue paper
custom pink tissue paper
custom hot pink tissue paper
custom hot pink tissue paper
custom colored tissue paper
Custom any paper color you want!

paper weight option

11lb 17gsm custom tissue paper
11lb / 17gsm

Most used and soft. The most cost-effective option

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15lb 22gsm custom tissue paper
15lb / 22gsm

Offering stronger resistance and a luxurious texture

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20lb 30gsm custom tissue paper
20lb / 30gsm

Thicker and offering better protection for your products

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30lb 45gsm custom tissue paper
30lb / 45gsm

Significantly thicker, ideal for wrapping hard or heavy items

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Order Samples

Feel the real papers in different paper weight and color before your bulk order.

Our sample pack includes:

  • Tissue papers printed in different logo color.
  • Different colored tissue paper such as black and pink paper.
  • Stickers and other packing materials.
  • 11lb/17gsm, 15lb/22gsm, 20lb/30gsm, 30lb/45gsm tissue papers.

Want to know more about paper weight?

Check our ultimate paper weight guide

Design your own tissue paper online

  1. Click the DESIGN NOW button above
  2. Upload a logo image
  3. Choose the logo color
  4. Change the logo size or layout if you want
  5. Check the final design before add to cart and check out
  6. Prepare yourself for the excitement that lies ahead. We will start production, and your order will soon be delivered right to you!

Eco-friendly ,Recyclable, and Sustainable

Enhance your brand's commitment to sustainability with our custom tissue paper. Crafted with the environment in mind, our paper is recyclable, biodegradable, FSC certified, and acid-free. Choose our eco-friendly packaging solution, showcasing your dedication to responsible practices.

PAP 22 recyclable tissue paper
small business packaging with custom tissue paper

Order Custom Tissue Paper in Wholesale and Bulk

Improve your brand awareness with our custom tissue paper, available in bulk with low minimum order quantity from just 25 sheets. We provide competitive pricing for all businesses, including small businesses, large corporations, and retail stores, all while ensuring top-notch quality and fast delivery.

What can be wrapped with custom printed tissue paper?

custom tissue paper wrapping clothes
Clothes: A Touch of Elegance

Elevate your brand and protect your garments during transit. It adds a touch of sophistication and ensure each piece arrives in perfect condition.

Read more about our guide for wrapping items with tissue paper

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custom shoes wrapping paper
Shoes: Step Up Your Packaging

Custom tissue paper adds style, protects against scuffs during transit, and elevates the unboxing experience for customers, showcasing your commitment to quality.

custom wrapping paper with logo
Gifts: Personalized Unwrapping Experience

It adds a personalized touch, enhances the visual appeal, and builds anticipation, creating a memorable experience for the recipient.

flowers packing black gold
Flowers: Blooming with Brand Identity

It adds elegance and protects delicate blooms perfectly.

Complete You Packaging

These products work well with custom tissue paper

custom sticker mockup
custom poly mailers
unpakful custom cards with flower design
custom kraft tape

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